3 Amazing Chinese Drinks

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Drinks are a vital part of our food and culture. Whether it is dinner or lunch, Chinese girls will always prefer Chinese drinks. We all love and drink green tea because it is famous for helping eliminate extra fat. However, it is not only the drink that you can have with your Chinese girlfriend. There are many alternatives that she would really like to have with you, but the shy nature of Chinese girls might be a barrier. Learn about these great drinks and surprise her.


Pearl milk teaPearl milk tea

Pearl milk tea or PMT is a traditional soft drink in China and Taiwan. It is very popular across the region among girls and boys. Its unique feature is the pudding or jelly-like balls. These balls are immersed in the milk tea. A person can have a double treat by eating these balls with the tea. The tea’s taste is sweet, but it might have a bitter aftertaste because of the composition and ingredients. It is a good digestive aid as well. People use it for snacks and after meals. Next time, if she is with you, do not forget to offer her this amazing tea. You might also enjoy it.



It is produced in and is a specialty of the Fujian province of China. Its flavor slightly resembles that of green tea. However, its appearance differs. It is yellow in color with a fruity aroma. It belongs to the family of oolong tea. Its taste is similar to berries and lemon. It leaves a fresh and sweet taste in your in mouth with a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. It is a famous after-meal drink used to enhance digestion and alertness. It is a good choice for your date with your Asian bride. She would love to have it with you.


Soy milk

Soy milk is the milk obtained from dried soybean seeds. They are Soy milksoaked in water and ground to prepare a thick milk-like solution. The taste of this drink is very similar to cow’s milk. Additional flavors and sweetening agents can enhance the taste. People can also add fruits, berries, nuts, and biscuits to improve the flavor. This drink is rich in protein, and therefore, is an alternative to a protein shake. If you meet a sexy Chinese woman on a Chinese dating website, share your knowledge about this drink with her. She will be surprised because it is very popular among Chinese girls who like to stay healthy.


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