3 Chinese Deserts for Chinese Girls

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Sweetness has had a long relationship with love and dating. Couples fuel their feelings and emotions of love by sharing some sweet foods. Traditional Chinese food has a great variety of deserts and sweets, and they are one of the best ways to get the heart of your Chinese girl. Below, we are going to tell you about just a few of these great treats. Present these dishes during your Chinese dating experience and see their positive effects. Chinese girls in Europe always prefer to eat Chinese deserts. So, do not limit yourself to a tiny bar of chocolate.

Chinese dateSweet Egg Bun

It is the specialty of the southern China region. Its light and sweet taste and softness are perfect for the stomach after a meal of hot and spicy foods. The sweet bun is made with special flour. It has an egg yolk and sugar mixture that is then enclosed inside the warm bun. This bun is very light and promotes digestion. It can be a sweet move for your Chinese date. Do not forget to ask her to have one of these buns. She will never refuse.

Almond JellyAlmond Jelly

Jelly? Does it sound yummy? Yes, it does. Just the thought of it should make your mouth water. This is the magical effect of this dish. However, it is not jelly. This name is derived from the thick nature and appearance of this dish. Apricot kernels are used in this desert. Water is mixed with the kernels, and then they are ground together to form an amalgam. Next, the milk and thickening agent is added. This makes it like a jelly. This dish is popular throughout China and Hong Kong. It is a favorite item for girls and boys. People often consume it after small meals.


Grass JellyGrass Jelly

Again this is not jelly. Like almond jelly, it is also a thick and viscous desert. It is made with a specific grass that is called mesona chinensis. This grass belongs to a plant family that has the flavor and smell of mint. For this desert, this grass is boiled, then baking soda and sugar are added to give the final shape. Wait a minute! There are different ways to serve this desert. That is the best part about it. Serve it with milk and ask your beloved to mix and drink it. Add grass jelly to any other sweet dish, such as the sweet egg bun or simple sweet drink. It can be placed over pudding or cake as a lovely accent. Grass jelly can also make a tea party more enjoyable!

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