4 Simple Tips To Secure Your ChnLove Account

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Ever since the advent of the Internet, there have been many news about leaking of account and password. The Internet provides us with a brand new channel to explore and find what we need. And many services sites such as bank company, online shopping sites, dating sites, etc., have greatly benefit us. However, there are still some netizens who become the victims of The Internet. How to keep yourself safe and secure? Here we have summarized 4 simple things you can do to secure your account and protect you from any attackers.

Secure Your ChnLove Account


1 Use a strong and long password
Passwords are like keys to your personal home online. You should do everything you can prevent people from gaining access to your password.
When creating a password, make sure it is long and strong.
  Use a password with a minimum of eight characters
 Use a long password made up of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symobls.
 Not to share your password with others.
 Make your password unique to your life and not something that is easily guessed.
 Have a different password for each online account.
 Write down your password and store it in a safe place away from your computer.
 Change your password several times a year.

Secure your ChnLove Account2 Use secure networks
Be extra careful whenever you go online using a network you don’t know or trust

3 Lock your screen or device
Always lock your screen when you finish using your computer, laptop or phone.

4 Keep your device clean
 Keep your browser and operating system up to date
 Always keep an eye on what you click and download, including music, movies, files, browser plug-ins or add-ons.
 When you do install software, make sure you’re getting the software from a trusted source
 Install an anti-virus program on your PC.

At ChnLove, we take account security very seriously. To ensure that your computer and account remain safe, we strongly recommend following these simple tips above.


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