5 signs that will show she is interested in you

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Unless you have an uncanny power to read minds, it may never be possible to know what Chinese ladies think of you by merely staring into their eyes. This is a very important question because, in many instances, it is the major cause of apprehension preventing men from asking a lady they so much admire out. To avoid embarrassment – especially if you are the shy type – it is important to know if she has interest for you too. Inasmuch as this is a difficult task, there are 5 tentative signs that me enough to suggest to you that she has some level of interest for you and they are as follows:

  1. You catch her staring at you in a public

Chinese women, just like every other woman around the globe always find delight staring at glittering materials. Hence, when you find women in a gathering, they are always darting their eyes here and there to see who is wearing the latest jewelry, who is carrying the most expensive phone, the girl that has got a new boyfriend and so on and so forth. Chinese women looking for a husband would take every gathering as an opportunity to sample men to see if they will find one that has the qualities they desire. If each time you turn around you catch her gaze, it is an indication that she is giving you a serious consideration.

Chinese girl

  1. She seizes every opportunity to be with you

You must be really special for sexy Chinese girls to cancel their appointment just to be with you. Women love to be touched cuddled, given attention and so on. If a girl always struggles to be around you or smiles to your touches and laughs at your jokes, then she is seriously interested in you. Likewise, if she is the one doing the calling and texting or complains that you don’t call or text, it is a clear indication that she is interested in you.

  1. She talks about marriage when she is with you

If a Chinese girl only tells you about her friends who got married or tries to explain to Chinese wedding dowry to you each time you are together it is a strong indication that she is really interested in you and wishes that the both of you should be married soon. If a girl is not interested in you, she will be the one giving excuses each time you mention marriage close to her.

  1. Gifting and compliments

If you wake up on a very bad day and discovers that all your clothes are dirty except the very old shirt and trouser but she still stares at you and tells you that you are handsome with all sincerity, you should make that move already if you are not already close to her. On the other hand, if your Chinese date continuously sends you gifts instead of the other way round, you would be safe to conclude that she is interested in you. In Chinese tradition, it is the man who has the obligation to send flowers and gifts to the girl.

  1. She is the one asking the most questions

When a girl is asking a lot of questions, it is an indication that she wants to know you better because she is interested in you or she must have been making up the questions just to keep the conversation going. Either way, it is a good sign and you should smile at your luck.

It may be totally impossible to read the mind of Chinese girls to decipher if they are interested in you or not but through their subtle actions, you may be able to tell with a high degree of certainty.

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