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How to Maintain Contact with Several Ladies on Chnlove

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 by in Chnlove Guide, Using Chnlove
date several Chinese girl at the same time

  As a man who has always had a strong interest in Chinese culture and history, I joined Chnlove a couple of years ago to find my Chinese lady. Like many users of online dating service, I had difficulty choosing from all these beautiful Chinese ladies posted on the site. Generally, I think it is OK to maintain contact with several ladies before you make any real commitment, but there … Continue Reading

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Economic Factors & Chnlove’s Payment Model

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 by in Using Chnlove
chnlove payment model

Economic security is a major factor for the ladies. So, let’s not fool ourselves. It is the same in every country. The China girls are just much smarter about it and much more classier than other ethnic ladies. It is also true that once a China girl reaches the age of 30, her chances of marrying a Chinese man are slim. The Chinese men want virgins. A divorced lady with … Continue Reading

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Transnational Relationship-How to Make It Work

Posted on Mar 7, 2012 by in Chnlove Guide, Using Chnlove
Chinese women looking for American men

In people’s stereotyped point of view, only the two of the same nationality should get married. This tradition even gets deeper root in China. That’s to say, the man and woman from different countries are hard to get together. As the society develops, Chinese people begin to open their eyes to western countries, and are attracted by the friendly people outside, their strong culture as well as the beautiful scenes. … Continue Reading

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How lady profiles are published on Chnlove

Posted on Mar 7, 2012 by in Using Chnlove

Lady profiles listed on this site are submitted by the Chnlove Service Providers (agencies) who are required to follow strict policies and procedures defined by Chnlove. No profiles submitted online by the ladies themselves will be posted. A signed application form for profile listing, which must include personal contact information, must be provided, together with related marriage and identity documents, and recent photos. Chnlove will then check carefully whether the … Continue Reading

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How to Perfect Your Online Dating Profile

Posted on Mar 7, 2012 by in Dating Advice
perfect your online dating profile on ChnLove

First and foremost, never forget to upload a photo that can perfectly describe you. A proverb goes like that-A photo says a thousand words. It is more pertinent than ever in online dating world because a nice photo can easily draw one’s attention. A thousand words that you say to compliment yourself may not compete with the effect brought by a nice photo. Therefore, go to a professional photographer if … Continue Reading

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