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How to Choose From All These Beautiful Ladies on Chnlove?

Posted on Aug 22, 2012 by in Ask an Expert, Dating Advice

Ryan is dating Chinese girls on Chnlove. To his surprise, all women he wrote to have got back to him; several also sent him Cupid Note, which is of great difference from what he came across on other dating sites. Now, he got 14 ladies to be chosen and he is very confused on which one to choose.Therefore,he wrote our dating expert, Rebecca, for the workable advice. Question: Hi Rebecca, I … Continue Reading

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Can I Trust Her Sincerity if She Just Refreshed Her Profile?

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 by in Ask an Expert, Dating Advice

James is dating one of the Chines girls on Chnlove. He does have  a good feeling towards her, and the communication between goes smoothly. However, James recently found the girl continues to refresh her profile online while she is dating him and confessed the love towards him. Now, he doubts her sincerity, and wants to figure out whether this girl can be trusted or not. Question: Hi Cynthia, I have … Continue Reading

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Why My Chinese Wife Changed and What’s Gone Wrong?

Posted on Jun 11, 2012 by in Ask an Expert, Dating Advice

Solomon is now having a cold war with his Chinese wife because he considered she has changed and no longer loves him. Below comes the specific details. Question: Hi Cynthia, I went to China in 2009 to marry my lady who I meet on Chnlove. She got her visa and came to the UK in 2010, when I was with her in China she had so much fun to be … Continue Reading

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How Would a Chinese Girl Handle Her Previous Relationship?

Posted on May 10, 2012 by in Ask an Expert, Dating Advice

His girlfriend is about to marry him; however, she still keeps a very intimate relationship with the family members of her ex-boyfriend. Should he consider it normal and let it be? Or to reconsider the marriage with her? Question: Dear Cynthia, I have been talking with a lady for a while now. We met in January this year, and I have visited her families. In fact, we are getting married … Continue Reading

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