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ChnLove-#1 Trusted Chinese Dating Site

Just as any other dating site, ChnLove also receives some negative comments and reviews. A lot of people want to find out the truth behind the saying of ‘ChnLove Scam’. Today, our online dating expert, Rebecca, would make an explanation on this aspect, to begin with Ethan’s consulting.


Hi Rebecca,

I have been on Chnlove for quite a while and writing to a few Chinese women that I’m interested in. Just when I thought things were going well, I came across a negative review on the Internet about your site. According to that review, a lot of girls on your site are fake, and translators are posing as attractive women to lure honest men into spending money.

I was shocked and frustrated. I do want to believe your site is legitimate because I really like the girls I’m writing to. I’m serious about finding a life time partner through your service. But now everything looks suspicious. How can I fall in love with a woman if I keep thinking she is fake? I hope you can give me an explanation about this. If your site is legitimate, how come there are so many bad reviews out there?



Hi Ethan,

Thank you for contacting us when you have concern about our service. We understand your confidence in our service has been affected by some of the bad reviews on the Internet, and hope that our explanation below can put your heart at rest.

Chnlove offers a platform for communication between ladies and gentlemen. Since its establishment in 1998, ChnLove has helped thousands of couples find their better halves, through cooperation with reputable local matchmaking agencies. There are a great number of success stories on our site, with photos, videos and hand-written letters, which are enough to prove that our service is reliable and really works. You may take a look at:

However, since ChnLove is built as a third-party platform, we’re unable to directly supervise the daily conducts of each agency. Although we require agencies to provide AS-IS and honest service to our gentlemen, we notice that there are times when services are not perfect, and we are doing our best to fight against dishonest practices initiated by agencies. We have a series of measures in place to monitor and evaluate the performance of agencies, e.g. EMF Mail satisfaction rate, agency feedback, Admirer Mail/Cupid Note/Live Chat report system. Gentlemen are welcome to provide feedbacks on the service quality of agencies. Once an agency is found to have conducted a fraudulent activity, Chnlove will take disciplinary actions against it, ranging from a formal warning up to indefinite suspension of the agency’s account. This demonstrates Chnlove’s determination to pursue and close down harmful activities that threaten the interests of our members.

Actually, many factors can affect a relationship, and people have different considerations and expectations. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible for us to guarantee that every relationship is going to work out, and every member would be happy with our service. It is inevitable that some unhappy gentlemen may give unpleasant comments. As a matter of fact, from our observation, some of the negative reviews were initiated by our competitors.

We encourage members to contact our Customer Service team when they encounter any problem or have any doubt about our service, so that we can help them get the best solution. Finding true love in another country may not be easy. We will try our best to remove any obstacle on the way and make your foreign love journey safer and more enjoyable.

Warm Regards,


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