Don’t Be Dreaded of Chnlove Scam

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No ChnLove Scam

While enjoying sweet and romantic communication with beautiful Chinese women on Chnlove, gentlemen feel dreaded when talking about Chnlove scam. Scam do exist on most of online dating sites just as dangers can be everywhere in the online dating world. What we should do is to recognize it and protect ourself from it.

How to understand that you are coming across a Chnlove scam?

Look at some typical signs that would be regarded as “Chnlove scam” and see how we can deal with them:

• Profile pictures of those Chinese girls looks very attractive, sometimes they are “hot” or look like photos of professional model.

People in online dating sites like Chnlove will try to show their best to attract his/her attention. Online dating is different from meeting face to face, ladies’ only and best weapon is their photos. They may make up with well dressed to take a series beautiful photos, and do some Photoshop to make the photos more stunning. While you may keep in mind that it’s very difficult for Chnlove scammer to get more pictures of a same person. You may ask them to send more daily photos when you have any doubt, guilty scammers would slip away with fear.

• After 2-3 emails it turns out that the person you are talking to has financial difficulties of any kind.

Though Chinese women may have their expectation on your economic condition, as they would concern their lives after they get married, especially when she move to another country where she has no one to turn to. While they would not ask you to send them money unless you’ve become their husbands. So, a Chnlove scam can be easily recognized in this aspect.

Chnlove scam would not be a dreaded thing.

Love is a big event in everyone’s life, it deserves every effort to make. If you do not dare to move forward to find your true love, it would not take the first step to come to find you. If you take a little caution to protect yourself, Chnlove scam would not be a dreaded thing:

• Never send money to other members for whatever reason!

• Follow this rule: unless you meet a lady in person, never provide any financial aid!

• Always have a phone call or live chat session before meeting another person in real.

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