Dos and Don’ts of Chinese Dating

Posted on Dec 26, 2016 by in Dating Advice

Dating with a hot Chinese girl can be tough. It is not easy to impress Chinese sexy ladies. However, we have some tips for you that you need to know to make this process of dating smooth and easy.

Understand the culture

Chinese perfect girlsCulture has a significant role in the life of a Chinese girl. Before doing the Asian dating, you must learn Chinese culture. The modernization has changed cultural trends in China. Liberal views are dominating the society, but you should be careful about her thoughts. Learn about dresses, food, history and rules of country. These are very vital when you are talking to a China women date.

Importance of marriage

The status of marriage in Chinese culture is very significant. It might sound odd to you but Chinese girls prefer to get married with their love. There is no concept of sex before marriage. However, girls with modern and liberal views may do it before marriage. Do not expect sex and causal relationship from a China girl love. This will not work for you and you might lose her. For Chinese perfect girls, sex is the final step of a relationship. The occurrence of this act means that she is ready to marry you or she believes that you are her future husband. She can deduce your feelings and motives quickly. If you are in her space for sex only, she will catch you and leave you.

Show your confidence, money and career

Money and stable career are two main attributes for a Chinese woman. You should be good at showing your wealth and job. Tell her about your career plans. Show your future. She is searching for future in you. If you can show her that you can provide her and her children with everything they need, she will quickly accept you. It doesn’t mean that you should be pretentious. Show your stylish ride, home and places you have visited. This would be a great tactic to win her heart.

Her language will mold her heart

Her native language is not English. So, it will be better for you to learn some Chinese. This might help her and you during the first date. Throwing some words of Chinese during the conversation will impress her. This will show your interest in her language and culture. On the other hand, she may struggle to say something. In that case, your Chinese language skills will give her some comfort.

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