Dragon Boat Festival – impress Chinese girls with your brains

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Chinese travel agencies are especially busy on the fifth day of the fifth month in the lunar calendar. The thing is that it’s the day when China celebrates Dragon Boat Festival (aka Duanwu Festival).

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three most major Chinese holidays. The holiday is also called the double five holiday and the Day of the poet. According to the most wide-spread opinion, the origin of this holiday is associated with Chinese scholar Qu Yuan.

Here, now you already know a thing that about 90% of foreign men looking for sexy Chinese women for dating on dating websites don’t know. And that gives you an edge when chatting with Chinese girls, as you can impress them with your knowledge of Chinese traditions.

But if you’re truly interested in finding yourself a Chinese bride, let’s continue educating you. Although many young China girls may not know this, but when forces of the Qin kingdom seized the capital of the Chua kingdom, poet Qu Yuan couldn’t get over such a shameful event and committed suicide on the fifth day of the fifth month.

In fact, if you want to impress sexy Chinese women with your knowledge about this holiday, know this: Qu Yuan drowned himself in a river and when people learned about the poet’s death, they went looking for his body in the river. But they failed to find it.

As a result, Chinese people participate in races of boats that look like dragons every year on the day of the poet’s death. That’s why the holiday is called the Dragon Boat Festival. Here, now you have the kind of knowledge that would impress pretty much every China girl who hangs out on dating websites.

Chinese brideBut if you want to be a walking panty dropper for Chinese girls, here is more about the holiday. When people went looking for Qu Yuan’s body, they were throwing bamboo capers filled with boiled rice into the river.

But then, according to the legend, Qu Yuan himself appeared on the shore and said that all the rice they have been throwing into the river for him, was eaten by a dragon. So he advised them to wrap rice in cane leaves and tie them with a colorful thread, because that’s what the dragon was most afraid of.

That’s how the traditional meal of the Dragon Boat Festival – zongzi – appeared. Basically, zongzi is rice wrapped in cane leaves. Now that you know such valuable info, go on and sign up on a Chinese dating website to find yourself a girl of your dreams.

Chinese women love intelligent men, so the fact that you take interest in Chinese traditions, holidays and culture will surely impress any Chinese girl. But don’t go an start copying info about the holiday into the chat with her, just make it fun for both you and her.

For example, you could sarcastically ask her on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, “how’s dragon? Is he still afraid of rice wrapped in cane leaves?”. If she’s not familiar with the legend, surprise her that you know about the holiday more than her. And that’s how you get a Chinese woman’s interest.

Nowadays Dragon Boat Festival is an official day off in China. The holiday lasts for three days, starting with the fifth day of the fifth month. So if you’re looking to meet Chinese friends and girlfriend, this is a great opportunity for you to visit China.

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