Happy 5.20! Time to say “I love you” to her!

Most of foreigners know that 我爱你 means “I Love You”. However, there is one thing most of them don’t know.

Say 520 to your cute Chinese girl on ChnLove

Say 520 to your cute Chinese girl on ChnLove


5(wǒ ) 2(ài) 0(nǐ)

In China, May 20 is a web Valentine’s Day. Why? Because in Chinese the pronunciation of “520” is “wǔ èr línɡ”. It is similar to the sound of “wǒ ài nǐ”(我爱你). Therefore, millions of  netizens in China has chosen May 20 as the unofficial Web Valentine’s Day. Up till now, it has become a very popular holiday for lovers and couples. In the eyes of Chinese people, it is a day and a chance they will never miss. Many gentlemen or boys will send gifts or flowers to their sweetie. Some will choose to celebrate together with a romantic candle-lit dinner.

Moreover, a majority of Chinese people regard it as a day with special meaning. They register for marriage in Civil Affairs Bureau on this day or get married. It’s meaningful and symbolizes forever love.

Do you have a sweetheart on ChnLove.com? If yes, it’s time to express your passion or love to her. Don’t miss the special chance. Your simple message reading “5(wǒ ) 2(ài) 0(nǐ)”can make your Chinese lady smile.


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