How Can I Increase the Chance of Success When Meeting Up?

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Meeting Up

When an online-dating relationship develops into a certain level, it will natually come to meeting up. Then, how to increase the chance of success in this process? Rebecca is going to tell you the secrets on how to successfully meet up Chinese women for marriage, beginning with Carl’s consultation.


Hi Rebecca,

I am planning a trip to China to meet a wonderful lady. We have been writing to each other for nearly four months and I have really strong feelings for her. I told her in the letters that I wanted to meet her, and she said she was eager to meet me too. What worries me is that when I was reading the Chnlove forum the other day, I noticed that quite a few people had unpleasant experience on their trips. Some of them were blown off by the ladies at the last minute when they arrived in China. Others said the ladies they met looked nothing like their photos!A trip to China costs a lot so I have to make sure the same thing will not happen to me… Can you give me some advice on this?




Hi Carl,

We fully understand your concern. It’s not always easy to make the change from a long-distance relationship to standing side-by-side. Things may not always turn out as you planned. To make sure you will get to meet the lady as scheduled and furthermore to increase your chance of success, there are a few things you need to take note of.

First of all, you should already know a good deal about the lady before meeting her. In particular, you should exchange natural everyday photos with her so that there will be no surprises about her appearance when you meet. Similarly, make sure she has an equally good understanding of who you are. We encourage members to strengthen their mutual understanding by using real-time communication services like Love Call and Live Chat. This makes sure you and your lady are on the same page regarding your trip, and can help avoid discrepancies between expectation and reality.

When you have decided to make the trip, confirm the details of your trip with your lady in advance, including the meeting time and place, flight and arrival times and accommodation details. It’s advisable to get the agency involved in planning your trip. Although there will be some charges for this, it is certainly worth it because involvement from agencies can help avoid a variety of unnecessary complications, so you can start your relationship off on the right foot, with total confidence. Most agencies are seasoned in assisting foreigners for travel service arrangements like hotel booking, airport pickup, shopping or restaurant guidance etc, and they can also offer suitable guidance when you both meet. In case you get sick or lost, you can immediately seek help from the agency. If, in the worst case, there are some unforeseen situation which makes it impossible to meet the lady as planned, or perhaps things does not work out as expected, the agency may introduce you to other ladies. Though it doesn’t sound right in a sense, you are encouraged to meet the new ones introduced by the agency because you never know – love might happen! We hope things will work out just fine for you. Good luck!

And all the best!


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