How Can I Make the Relationship Work if She Can’t Speak English?

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Is Your English Good EnoughMost of the ladies on ChnLove have poor English, especially those with 40-up ages. Their poor English does become an obstacle in building a good relationship with western male members. Then, how to effectively communicate with your lady who is not good at English? Rebecca would tell you in the following paragraphs with specific details.


Hi Rebecca,

I’m new to Chnlove and trying to find a mature woman who can speak fair English. I am 55 and looking at women that are usually 40 and up. To my disappointment, most of the ladies I’m interested in indicate that they are “Learning English”, which means they have very little or no ability to speak English, right? It would seem to me that it’s almost impossible for a Chinese bride to adapt to my country with no English ability, and obviously building a close relationship is tough without good communication. I’m really concerned about this…So here I am asking for your advice. How can I make the relationship work if the woman can’t speak English?




Hi Neo,

We fully understand your concern about the language barrier. It’s true that many Chnlove ladies, especially the mature ones, have little English ability. That’s why we have translators to help you in all your communications. Of course, if your lady is going to move to your country someday, then it is very important for her to learn English. Naturally, her English will improve as she communicates with you. She will start picking up words more and more each day as you talk to her. In fact, I find the English language is one of the easiest languages to pick up, and Chinese women are generally smarter than you think. You’ll be surprised just how quick she will learn enough English to get by!

Of course, the best is for both of you to learn each others’ language. It will make your relationship stronger if you can work together through the problem of language. Your lady would be very impressed if you do something like learning another language for her, because it shows how serious you are about her. One way of learning Chinese is to buy an electronic translator with speech , as you will need one in China. Also there are a lot of Chinese learning courses available online that you can try. Even if you just learn some simple phrases like Nihao and Xiexie, she will be impressed and more motivated to learn English.

Actually, not all communication is verbal. Language sometimes muddles up deep ideas that come across best with simple words, facial expressions, and gestures. You would be amazed how many subtle messages can be conveyed via body language and gesturing. The proof of affection should not be what you tell her – you need to use deeper actions. You don’t necessarily need to discuss world events to have bonded. Actions displayed by both, is truly how a relationship is measured.

Believe me, if you find your true love, you will go to all lengths to overcome any obstacle. True love transcends all language barriers. Certainly it takes time and lots of effort, but it will be rewarded eventually. After all, if the marriage is good, you have a life time to overcome all the language things in your life. Just enjoy loving each other, and the rest will find its way to you two.

All the Best!


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