How do Chinese Girls Celebrate Christmas with their Beloved?

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Merry Christmas 2013

It is the time of year when festive lights and holiday spirit fill the air, the time of year when we all want to share warmth and joy with loved ones – Christmas! Christmas is not an official holiday in China, so most offices, schools and shops remain open. All the trappings of a Western Christmas can be found in China. Shopping sprees in the weeks leading up to Christmas are popular in China. A growing number of Chinese ladies celebrate on Christmas Eve by eating Christmas dinner with friends. Exchanging Christmas cards with loved ones is becoming more popular as is exchanging gifts. So don’t forget to buy your Chinese lady a gift and send her a card this Christmas!

Chinese ladies, like any lady, will want you to spend a little more time with you this Christmas, and a small gift to show you’re thinking about them. And as a gift to members, is giving out discounts for buying credits starting now – you can save up to as much as $100 and can use these extra credits to chat more to your beloved this Christmas, send her more mail, buy her more Christmas presents, and, most importantly, make her a very happy woman this Christmas! This promotion is only for a limited time so don’t miss out on this lovely chance to get extra credits to use on your favorite ladies!

However, there are some dos and don’ts when purchasing a Christmas present, or any present, for your Chinese lady. The Chinese have lots of taboos that most foreigners don’t understand. Most taboos come from the homophones of the items, making your presents sound like really bad luck to the gift receivers.

NEVER send your Chinese lady any type of clock as presents. “Clock” in Chinese is homophonic to “burying a parent”. “Book” in Chinese sounds exactly like “lose”. For most Chinese who like to gamble, invest in stocks, occasionally buy lottery tickets or play Mahjong or Poker as a hobby will definitely hate to receive a book for Christmas. The pronunciations of “umbrella” and “fans” in Chinese both are really similar to the Chinese word “separation”. Neither real umbrellas nor decorative ornaments are appropriate presents for Chinese ladies, unless you wish to break up with the person who is receiving the gift. Chinese generally give Handkerchiefs to people who attend funerals. Therefore, it is not appropriate use handkerchiefs as a holiday present, even if it is an expensive designer brand. Some flowers we Chinese specifically use for funeral are not suitable for holiday presents, such as Chrysanthemums and Lilies. If you want to give roses or carnations, avoid white, as white for the Chinese often means “ill” or “death”. A mixed flower boutique with less white will be just fine. Finally, in general, avoid using white or black ribbons and wrapping paper for packaging.

As you can see, Christmas is coming more and more popular in China, so my advice is you should celebrate Christmas with your Chinese lady as you would with your western friends. Buy her a gift, spend time with her. If you can’t see her because of the distance, then give her a Love Call. Buy some credits on and use those extra credits earned on your lady this Christmas.

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