How to Be Dominant And Alpha Without Looking Ridiculous

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Beautiful chinese women love dominant and alpha men. Even in the world so feminist as ours, it’s a major panty-dropper for chinese girls to have a man that is physically, verbally, socially and sexually dominant and alpha.

If you’re chatting with a Chinese girl but asking for her permission and letting her take charge of your online conversation and your budding relationship, then don’t be surprised if she loses interest in you soon.

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You’re doing this whole thing WRONG. And that’s where come Internet guides on how to be dominant and alpha in a relationship. But those guides can be easily misinterpreted and you risk looking ridiculous trying too hard to pull off a dominant type.

Here’s a basic, no-filter guide on how to be dominant and alpha without looking ridiculous.

Be physically dominant

Whether you’re dating indian and chinese girl, the most dominant and attractive thing in a man is height. Youhave to be taller than the girl you’re dating, or otherwise being physically dominant becomes much more challenging.

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Alphas have known this for centuries: slouching makes you look weak and Beta. If you want to be dominant in a relationship with the sexiest chinese girl, you have to physically and visibly dominant.

That means: keep your shoulders back, when standing put your hands behind your back or in your pockets to display confidence, never use your hands to talk with as jerky hand movements make you look like a non-dominant, emotional guy.

But most importantly, eye contact. Strong eye contact has been for centuries used as a means to intimidate your enemy. While cute chinese girls in saree are not enemies, using eye contact is what makes a girl’s panties dampen.

Bonus point: when you’re in a relationship with a Chinese girl, do grab her hand to lead through the crowd. It’s adds you the sexy dominant points.

Online dating: when talking to a Chinese lady from the full list of free dating sites in china via Live Video Chat, the best way to display dominance is to keep your shoulders back, not slouch and look straight into the webcamera.

Be verbally dominant

Here’s what you need to know about verbal dominance for men: less talking.

Chinese women can talk for hours about traditional chinese wedding food or discuss lives of their enemies. Women love it when people around listen to her.

That means two people in a relationship can’t talk at the same time. Someone needs to listen more than they speak. Talkative guys are always considered to be Betas.

A guy who can express his thoughts in a few words is considered to be sexy and dominant. He’s Alpha.

But being the silent type is not enough to establish your verbal dominance. When you do talk, the things coming out of your mouth should matter.

When someone is talking to you, never interrupt, no matter how tempting it may be. Guys who interrupt are considered to be Betas, while men who let their chat partner finish their train of thoughts is considered to be in control, and therefore Alpha. Never raise your voice either.

Maintaining eye contact while speaking is equally important – both when somebody is talking to and when you’re talking to somebody.

Online dating: in Live Video Chat, look straight into the camera, and let the girl do the talking. You should, however, lead the conversation. Pick a topic to discuss, say what matters, and then listen carefully to what your Chinese girl says.

And then ask her questions after she’s finished, never interrupt. That’s how you establish verbal dominance online. The same goes for text-based chatting with chinese girls, less words, meaningful short sentences, and no nonsense.

Be sexually dominant

Sexual dominance is the aspect of male dominance that has been plagued by feminists the most lately.

When you have sex with a girl, you should be the one in control. Those sexual fetishes when the woman is the mistress and she’s in control are Beta.

A mail order bride from china would never be able to view you as the dominant type if you fail the sexual dominance aspect, even if you excel in the physical and verbal dominance.

In fact, some guys even seek help from china call girls to try being sexually dominant on them first. No need to do that anymore!

Bonus points: be the one who initiates sex, control the entire process, call her name a few times, use some dirty talking, pull her hair, spank her. There are a lot of ways to exert your dominance in sex (we’re not talking about 50 Shades of Grey BDSM here), but the most important thing is to LEAD.

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