How to Hook Up with Asian Girls Online?

Posted on Apr 16, 2013 by in Dating Advice

hot asian girl for dating

Over half of men in the planet want to have a romantic relationship with hot Asian girls today, from we common people to the celebrities ( like Aviv “Vivi” Nevo who almost got married with the famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and Juventus Football Club boss Lapo Elkann who kissed her hot Asian girlfriend Zhuzhu in the public). These Asian women seem to have got something special to attract men’s eyes. Childlike face, smooth skin and slim curvy body, no man can resist such a beauty! Besides, their strong family concept and high loyalty to marriage make them more charming. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why White guys date Asian ladies.
But how to hook up an Asian girlfriend successfully through online services? Below tips are going to help!

1. Open An Asian Dating Profile At First

Find a reliable site focusing on Asian dating like, and at the first beginning. This is quite important and necessary  Because a reliable dating site with good reputation can protect us from dating scams and frauds to the best. After that, create a profile which includes your basic information and requirements on ideal match. In this part, I’d like to remind you that honesty and sincerity are the key to make a great profile. Don’t try to make yourself like the PERFECT man, but be a REAL man. So do your photos. Upload your best personal photos to show your best part in daily life.

2. Get Her to Talk More.

If you ever dated girls, you must know how to get her talk and wake up her interest in you. Since these pretty Asian girls grow up in a different culture, why don’t we just give each other a chance to remove the cultural barrier and have further mutual understanding? Let’s tall about CULTURE! You may ask her about interesting local festivals and customs, for example, how do you Thai people celebrate New Year? And also you can teach your Asian girl some interesting English slangs and learn Thai language back from her. When the dating gets deeper, lead the topics to her work, families and friends. This will help you know more about her personality. Remember to talk like a friend. Don’t be too aggressive. Listen and respond in a respectful way. And give her some compliments appropriately. The art of talk decides how far you can go with the beautiful Asian lady online.

3. Small Gifts Add Scores

Women love gifts, either big or small! So sending small gifts to your pretty Asian girlfriend should be included in the budget of Asian bride tours. What do these Asian chicks like? What to send them? Well, in fact, most Asian dating site will have a gift center and always take your order to send flowers, chocolates, dolls and other girls stuffs to your girl. Just cost a little money to get a great impression from your beautiful Asian lady. Good deal.

4. Hold On.

All that you can do have been done, what’s next? Well, then wait. Yes, you hear me. Wait! Hold on. Be patient. She’s coming forward to you. Unlike western girls, these Asia ladies tend to be reserved and cautious emotionally, so it might need a relatively longer time to turn her on and get her positive answer. So please hold on and give her more time if you really consider a serious relationship with the Asian lady. When she’s ready and give the word YES, it’s time to prepare your romantic, impressive first date offline.

So it’s not that difficult to hook up with Asian girls online. Follow these tips and pay more attention, you’ll find your hot Asian woman very soon.


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