I Came Across Two Ladies. Which One Should I Stick To?

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Dear Rebecca,

I recently registered on the Chnlove dating website. First of all, let me say that the site has turned out to be of tremendous help to me. I have come across very beautiful and intelligent ladies on this site.

I have a personal problem which I would be glad if you could help me unravel. After taking my time to go through the profile of the large number of ladies available on the site, I seemed to have come across two ladies. I know this may sound strange but I think I may be attracted to each of them. So far, these two ladies have been my very close contacts. They share their experiences with me and I seem to be getting along well with each of them very well.

I am someone who has been very attached to my academic work for years and I seem to have relegated my love life and emotional requirements to the back corner until I recently decided to try online dating. I am a very sincere person and would not want to awaken anyone’s love without any intention of loving them. Do you have any advice for me on such an issue? What should I be looking out for in such a case, and how do I communicate to the other if I decide to stick to the one I prefer? In the end, I want to make a decision that is best for me while not trying to her anyone’s feelings.
Your response to this letter will be greatly cherished.

Best regards,

Which Chinese lady to choose on ChnLove

Which Chinese lady to choose on ChnLove?

Dear Brad,

Thanks for your message and I’m glad to hear that ChnLove is helpful to you. I fully understand your problem and appreciate your sincerity very much.

It is common for us to meet several potential matches at the same time online or offline and most of online daters would choose to keep in touch with two or three during the first period in order not to miss the perfect match. It is understandable because online dating provides us an opportunity to connect with more singles. Moreover, it’s difficult for us to decide which one is our perfect match with only some basic understanding.

In you case, I would suggest you: First, think about your match criteria and see which lady meets your requirements. Ask yourself some questions such as what habits I cann’t bear, do I care about her weight, height, etc. Sometimes, we don’t have clear match criteria. And it all depends on feelings, so you may still don’t know which lady to stick to. In this way, just keep in contact with the two ladies and get to know them more. Thus you can decide later.

Second, be honest and kind. Tell what you think at the bottom of your heart. After making the decision, you must reject the other lady. Being rejected and rejecting are both hard. Just choose a right time and tell the truth: It’s just about compatibility. Don’t forget to tell what you appreciate in the lady and send your best wishes. Give her some time and she’ll be all right. Generally speaking, Chinese girls are very considerate. I believe the lady will understand you.

Hopefully this helps you work out the problem. Best wishes for your dating on ChnLove!

Kind regards,

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