Laides in Chipao or night dress, who’s your crush?

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Chipao is a body-hugging one-piece traditional Chinese dress for women, also known as qipao , and was ROC’s mandarin gown. The stylish and often tight-fitting dress is best known today was created in the 1920s in Shanghai and made fashionable by socialites and upper class pretty Chinese women. Nowadays Chinese women don’t wear Chipao so often since it’s too formal and not convenient for daily life. Yes Chinese women work too. 😉 Honestly it is such a  pity that we don’t see women in Chipao on street, it was such a view! The good part is influenced by western culture Chinese lady wear night dress now. The elegant and sexy night dresses make them even more gorgeous.

pretty Chinese women

Have a Wonderful Date with Jena on ChnLove!

Jena, a 20 years old Chinese girl who likes go to gym and read book in her spare time is a super fan of Chipao. She thinks by wearing Chipao she can show an attitude to of the hottest Chinese women. Today Chinese women are free and independent just like American women. But when you see pictures of chinese women in Chipao, they show fully the femininity. People always consider sexy Chinese girl as bold and vivace. But Jena says deep down she’s a shy girl. You like her in night dress or in Chipao?

sexy Chinese girl

Now It’s Your Chance To Have A Say to Chryssan!

Different from Jena, Chryssan is an open-minded Chinese girl who enjoys life. She likes travelling, but not alone. This is one of the reasons she’s signed up in Chinese dating app. Chryssan is not a party girl, even though she likes to dress up and hang out with her girl friends just like many Chinese singles do. Men always have stereotype for Chinese women. They tend to think that Chinese women are all traditional and conservative. Hey, it’s 21st century! Time changes and people change too! In old Chinese dating culture women were in the position supposed to be submissive. Now many Chinese women ask for equality and freedom. This doesn’t make them feminists, it is just their need of being accepted as who they are. Chryssan is one of them. Young and beautiful, with dreams and purposes. The night dress is always her favorite and she rocks it!

Chinese lady date

Send Meng a message first !

Meng is a Chinese girl from province of Hubei. She adores traditional Chinese dresses. Looking at her picture you must be imagining with a Chinese lady date. Yes Meng is a lady, but she is more a lady with a character. Don’t judge her from her docile appearance, she will surprise you. Meng runs her own business very well and she is so independent. But life is always not complete without a man of her life. As she said, she is a combination of angel and devil. If you like her, you definitely have good taste.

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Connect with Mary first !

Mary is a sweet girl, just like girl-next-door. The burgundy velvet night dress inspires her charisma. Mysterious and naughty, that describes Mary in the picture. However you have seen so many Chinese women pictures, you know that you can never guess a woman right only by her pictures. They are complicated and delicate creatures. Mary is passionate and caring with a dream of meeting the one in her life. Maybe that’s a problem a chance, it all happens on its timing. She never gives up and she is always waiting.

In these four ladies, do you have a crush? Make the first move, magic happens!

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