Love Story of Peng and Xi

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The love story of Peng Liyuan and President Xi is now like a fairy tale. For a woman from a poverty-stricken background to rise above formidable challenges to become the first lady of the second largest economy in the world, that must make the news. The resilience of the president in pursuing his Chinese girlfriend when the lady had offered many excuses is also commendable.

What most people may not understand, though, is that Peng embodies both the inner and outer beauties of Chinese women. Owing to local and global politics, not much is known about Asian girls. To unravel this mystery, here is a brief description of six Chinese girls who have grown into the sexiest and beautiful celebrities in the world:

Chinese girlfriend



1.Tien Hsin
This Taiwanese beauty is as sexy and attractive as Pamela Anderson. No wonder, she takes up seductive and tempting roles in movies. She epitomizes Chinese femininity at its best and gives you an idea of what you can find on Chinese dating sites.



six Chinese girls


2.Liu Yifei
If there is a Chinese woman who fits the term “stunning”, it is Liu Yifei. Her gorgeous face and sexy body match her intelligence. She has not only won accolades for her acting, but also excelled in singing and dancing. Chinese brides of this kind are a click away if you are interested.


3.Zhou XunChinese brides

UNEP, the UN body that deals with environmental issues has honored this personification of hot Chinese chicks for her role in championing the welfare of the earth. Her trophy cabinet is also replete with various acting awards for her roles in various renowned movies.



Chinese chicks


4.Chrissie Chau
She has been listed among the hottest and popular Chinese actresses and models. Born in Hong Kong, Chrissie came into the limelight when she starred in several movies in 2009 and 2010. Since then she has featured in scores of productions especially in Asia and China dating sites have many like her.


Chinese mature woman


5.Lin Chi-ling

She has been labeled “The First Face of Taiwan” and this is significant for a Chinese mature woman. One outstanding issue about her is her humility despite her beauty. She is a successful actress and has been the spokesperson for Longines and China Airlines for a decade now.



6.Zyang YuqiChinese sex girls

How about being a top celebrity actress by the age of 24 years? This intelligent, sexy and beautiful young woman began acting at the age of fifteen. She has also graced the front covers of renowned magazines including Elle. Chinese sex girls look much like her.


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