Love Story of Wang Ling and Peter: Love Began When We First Met

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Love Beyond Distance from Chn Love on Vimeo.

Everyone has a past, but what I’m only interested in is to be with you in your present and future. Sorry about not having appeared in your past, but I will not miss your present and future any more. Fate has led us find each other.

The following is the happy story of Wang Ling and Peter.

Wang Ling is a kind-hearted Chinese lady coming from Changsha, Hunan. She has once had an unfavorable marriage with her ex-husband who is 20 years older than her. Originally holding in mind that an elder man would be mature enough in thinking and take his wife seriously, Ling found this marriage far away from her expectation and the marriage came to an end. Like most other divorced women, Ling was afraid of falling in love with someone again. But it was not until she met Peter that she realized she could be so happy for the rest of her life with such a nice man. 8 years older than Ling, Peter is a very considerate gentleman from Melbourne, Australia. They two met each other on ChnLove.

At the first sight of Ling’s photo, Peter was deeply touched by Ling’s sweet smile. To him, Ling was like a sunflower lightening up his whole world. After some time of communication with Ling, Peter got to know Ling once had a marriage and has a 5-year-old daughter, but Peter didn’t care at all. They had a rather enjoyable time in online chatting. Peter admired Ling’s frankness while Ling extended her gratitude to his understanding and encouragement. With their mutual understanding being increased, they two had strong feeling for the other. What made Ling believe Peter was her destiny was that Peter stopped all communications with other ladies after he first sent Ling an EMF mail. In Peter’s mind, the past is not important, what he really cares most is to hold on to Ling’s present, and work hard with her to create a bright future. They both see the same brand new world on the other’s company since the day they met.


With the agency’s help, Ling and Peter went on the first date in Hunan, and they traveled to Phoenix Town together. Both of them were very nervous and their only physical contact was holding hands. Despite the fatigue of the journey, they really enjoyed the good moments with each other and the joy of being together dissolved all the exhaustion. To Ling’s delight, Peter was rather fond of the local spicy food of Hunan. In the following dates, Ling took Peter home. She was so relieved that Peter and her daughter Miaomiao got along very well and Miaomiao delightfully approved of Peter as step-father.

The only obstacle is the objection by Ling’s parents. They worried much about the cultural difference which may affect the relationship between Ling and Peter. After some time of consideration and observation into the this young couple’s interaction, Ling’s parents agreed on their getting married. Finally Ling and Peter entered the wedding hall hand in hand happily and a couple of a Changsha son-in-law and a Melbourne daughter-in-law was then born.

For the moment, they are living in Australia. Ling learns English from Peter and at the same time she is the Chinese teacher of Peter. And as time goes by, they have better tacit understanding together . This couple feel quite grateful for the other’s appearance. Now the story of happiness is not finished. It’s to be continued…

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