Making Abroad Love Possible Obtaining A Chinese Visa

You have taken several steps in choosing the man of your dreams in an unknown, unseen world and now you want to make a visit to celebrate your love with a promise of living happily ever after!

Examples of Chinese Visa

Examples of Chinese Visa

Well, dating abroad may not be all sunshine and fairytale but thanks to the online dating world and its dynamism, things have changed to a huge and good extent. Online dating has helped love spread its wings beyond boundaries. And then, we all know love knows no boundaries, so if you have found your love in the lands of Dragons- China, which is known for its romance and love in the world, mere geographical customs cannot stop you. Your date or fiancée has already taken the initiative to make you feel comfortable, regularly messaging and making video calls, also shared some pictures of the romantic destinations the two of you can make. So it is not like you are absolutely landing to some mysterious land. And when you are finally ready to experience the land, it is anything but exciting to have a chance of your life- with your love. But one of the biggest conventions that abroad love seeks to bypass is the applying and obtaining a visa.

This blog is dedicated for lovers looking for a guideline in obtaining a Chinese Fiancée Visa. The basic criteria to follow will be answered in the following questions?

1. Which Chinese Institutions Can Issue Chinese Visa?

As per the international law and international practice, any sovereign nation is legally entitled to allow or not allow a foreigner’s entry and exit from its country to another. In accordance to Chinese body of law, it is the Chinese consular officials who are authorized to determine different aspects of entrances, validity and duration of each stay and even to reject the visa application for the same.

2.  Where can a foreign citizen apply for the respected Chinese visa?

Any foreign citizen, even a fiancée can apply or entrust the application to a travel agency to Chinese Embassies, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Macao Special Administrative Region, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and other resident organizations authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs situated nearest to the applicant’s district.

3. Who will need to apply for a Chinese visa?

Except for a visa-free person as articulated anyone going to the mainland China has to apply for a Chinese visa.

4. What will be the right to apply for a Chinese Visa and how long does it take to obtain the visa post the application submission?

Working hours of Consular Section at Chinese Embassy varies from one country to the other and as per the standard time. Once all the required documents are submitted, you can get the regular visa on the fourth working day of Visa Section from the date of acceptance of all documents. On exceptional cases, urgent visa might be obtained within 3 working days.

5. What are most important consideration to make?

Truthfully, completely and clearly filling the application form
If you are an US citizen applying for a Chinese Fiancée visa the most common way are: K-1 fiancée visa, the K-3 visa, and the CR1/IR1 immigrant visa.
It is your responsibility to check the visa details, immediately raise question (if needed).
Failure of any required document submission to the visa official, the application will be rejected.

6. How Much does a Chinese Visa Cost?

The price varies from 30 to 140 USD depending on your nationality, the type of VISA and the number of entries.
Usually it’s cheaper for European people, whereas American people are often required to pay more than 100 USD.
Cost of Chinese visa is categorized under three sections form Regular Visa cost, Urgent Visa cost and Extra Urgent Visa cost.

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