Planning For A Perfect Date With Your Shanghai Girlfriend

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Visiting Shanghai for a few days to meet your Shanghai girl? Or is it the very city you live in? Whatever may be the case, one thing that you can know for sure is that you are in one of the most romantic cities in the world. If you feeling a bit more romantic then usual and want to enjoy entire day or two out with your beloved in this city, you will be spoiled for choices. Here is a quick list of the places that you must visit, if you want to make your darling feel special on an ordinary day.

Tianai Road (Duolun Road):
Start with a leisurely stroll of the Tianai Road, located in Hongkou district near Shanyin Road. The name literally translates to “Sweet Love” road, and is ideal to say he least for those in love. Both the sides of the street is adorned with 28 plaques that are carved with famous Chinese and foreign love poems. Besides this “love wall“, there is the intersection, there is a special mailbox. The mail box is for lovers who seek to send their better halves unique lobe letters. The letters that pass through here are stamped with heart shaped stamps. The road has a peaceful atmosphere. Lined with tall, shady trees, this lane is perfect for a lazy walk with your beloved hand in hand. Grab a quick snack at one of the many cozy cafes dotting the nearby Duolun Road.

Tian' ai Road (Lovers' Road) in Shanghai

Tian’ ai Road (Lovers’ Road) in Shanghai

Famous Love Poems

Plagues Covered With Famous Love Poems (Love Wall)

Shanghai Film Park:
Even if you are not from China, you are probably well acquainted with this beautiful collection of buildings, tram lines and replicas of old Shanghai streets as many iconic movies like Perhaps Love, The Music Box and 2046 were filmed here. Thronged with photographers, this Park is a must visit place when you are in the city. Once you enter through the gates, you will feel like you have stepped through a time machine. Now, lovebirds cannot pass up a visit to the place where dreams are made, right?

50 Moganshan Road:
Of all the places that become must visits for a romantic date in Shanghai, 50 Moganshan Road is perhaps one of the most interesting ones. It is right next to the Suzhou River, near the Shanghai Railway Station and is the very popular art district of the city. The graffiti everywhere is nice to behold when you have a special someone by your side. Snap lots of pictures and take some time to walk in the beautifully manicured parks.

50 Moganshan Road

50 Moganshan Road

Kerry Center:
Well, what’s a date without a bit of shopping, right? And when it is shopping that you are interested in, don’t forget to visit the Kerry Center. Dotted with restaurants and shopping malls – this is one of the most favorite places of the localities and is the ideal destination for shopping-keen fashion-trendy couples.

Visit Paramount Ball Room

Want to take a look at Paramount Ball Room?

Paramount Ball Room:
They say, China learned dancing here. Opened in 1933 and situated at the edge of the International Settlement, it has always been and still is the meeting place between East and West. Once visited by celebrities from all over the world, including Charlie Chaplin, this ballroom still speaks of long forgotten golden days and continues to be a perfect destination for those who want to have a little old fashioned romance.

Shanghai Night

Night Scene Of Shanghai, China

Huangpu River Cruise:
The perfect way to end the day would be to go on a Huangpu River Cruise. Stand on the deck of the cruise, holding hands with our beloved and occasionally sip on the most exquisite of wines. Admire the beauty of the nighttime skyline of the city. As said, it is perfect!

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