The Best Places for Those in Love with Ladies from China

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Did you know that based on China’s domestic travel, the country is the world’s biggest honeymoon destination. Well, you do not have to go as far as honeymoon to get a glimpse of the plethora of romantic destinations that the country has. With a population of 1.3 billion, there surely is a lot of love to display. Really, once you visit a few of these places, with your significant other by your side, you will feel as if the world never looked so good. Be sure that it is because you are in love. If you are still do not have a clue about the best romantic destinations in China, then know that China has everything from Vegaz type glitz to cozy Himalayan retreats, from luxurious Yangtze river cruises to relaxing beaches. The list can go on and on; China surely has something to suit everyone’s taste. Here is a list of the selected few:

Amanfayun (Hainan)

Amanfayun (Hainan)

Amanfayun (Hangzhou):
Known for its unique collection of 47 stone houses, most of which more than century old, Amanfayun is tucked cozily among tea fields and bamboo forests. It is the ideal tranquil getaway that you would seek after a long and tiring stretch of city life. Don’t forget to visit the Lingyin Temple and the lovely park which houses awe-inspiring stone carvings of Buddha. In the evening relax with a glass of wine, chatting with your beloved about sweet nothings and watching the sun set over the horizon, beyond the lush greenery.

Beijing bird's nest

Beijing bird’s nest

Famous as one of the most romantic cities in the world, China’s capital city is a storehouse of romantic spots. Every nook, every corner, every coffee shop and every roof top has a story to tell – and there is a heartfelt romance hidden in each of these stories. Walk on the Great Wall while holding hands with your better half, marvel at the Acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theatre, take in the beauty of the beautiful architecture of the Summer Palace, rediscover the child in you while splashing water at your beloved from the back lake after a thrilling ride in Happy Valley, have a romantic dinner by Yongding river and then just relax on a rooftop while staring at the splendid skyline of this urban extravaganza – Beijing will make you fall in love with a new fervor.

Enjoy Beautiful Sanya With Your Beautiful Chinese Lady

Sanya Beach

Sanya is one of the fastest evolving tourism destination in China and is best known for its sun kissed beaches. If you are into natural sightseeing, there is much to see and explore for lovebirds here. This is the ideal place to head to if you want to spend quality time with your darling, while sunbathing and seeing the most spectacular sunsets while sipping on wine. Long walks on the beach,, holding the hands of your lovely Chinese lady, while the soft waves tickle your toes – doesn’t that sound peaceful?

Tour to Xiangshui with your potential Chinese girl

Beautiful Xiangshui Bay

For a more active, yet equally charming romantic holiday in China, visit the Haitang Bay and Xiangshui Bay with your beloved. Seafood is extra-ordinary at these places and the beach resorts will wrap you in a cocoon of luxury. For a bit of adrenaline rush, try jet skiing, parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and glass-bottomed boat rides at Yalong Bay, Dadong Bay and Haitang Bay.

Where will you take your lady? Go to and discuss with your Chinese girlfriend. She may have some surprising ideas.


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