Things Asian girls don’t want to hear from you

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Asian girls are very particular with their date. They pay much attention to the things you say and do. Hence, when dating Chinese women or Asian girls in general, you have to know what and what not to say. In this article, we will tackle the things Asian girls don’t want to hear from you. These are the following:

#1- Where are you from?

This phrase is a big no when dating a Chinese lady. It gives a connotation that you are particular with a woman’s race, especially if this phrase is followed by an intense stare. If you are going to date someone, it does not matter where she is. All that matters is you show her that you are interested in her.

Chinese women dating#2 – Speaking bad Chinese phrase like Ni Hao Ma

Most of the time, in an attempt to catch the attention of the sexy Chinese girl, you tend to speak bad Chinese. Just be yourself. Don’t try so hard. Try to communicate using Basic English as most Asians can speak and understand English.

#3 – Can you understand what I’m saying?

This phrase is really offensive. It gives a connotation that Asian girls, particularly China girls don’t understand English. You might be surprised to know that Asian girls are very good at speaking English.

#4 Chinese people eat dogs

We all have culture and traditions. Some people eat bizarre foods while others not. You just have to respect each other’s beliefs and traditions. Do not generalize the idea that Chinese people eat dogs. And if they do, then what’s wrong with that?

#5 Asians are poor

This is probably the biggest misconception. Asians live a decent life, although the salary is not as high as the ones living in New York City. You just have to compare the cost of living. Housing and meal expenses are not as expensive as the cities in the United States. With a $1000 a month, you can live a decent life in Asian countries. In fact, there are middle class and elite people in Asia. They are capable of hiring Westerners to do the household chores. If you don’t like to create a wrong impression with your Chinese girlfriend, then you have to crap the notion that Asians are poor.

#6 –Insulting family members/saying something that isn’t nice about theiChinese girlfriendr family

Asians are family oriented, especially Asian women. When dating Asian women, you have to be sensitive in topics involving their family members. They give so much value to the members of the family and anything negative you say about their relatives can be taken against you. It will be a turn off. Usually, Asian women seek approval of their parents for every decision they make in life. Some Asian women even live together with their parents until they get married. Being an independent Western man, you will surely find this scenario frustrating, but this is one of the realities you have to face. For Asians, parents play a major role in their life.

Dating Asian women, especially Chinese women dating can be very tricky at first. However, if you really want to win the heart of an Asian girl, then make sure you do everything to catch her attention. Do not just focus on what to do, but as well on what not to do and say. Asian women are respectful and loving. If you are serious in choosing Asians to become your partner for life, then you can start by checking out Chinese dating sites. There are plenty of Chinese dating and Asian dating sites and they will enable you to meet Asian women from all age group.

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