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Ok, so you are looking for Asian girls, particularly Chinese women. Here’s a hint for your success. First things first, your online dating profile markets you to the population looking for a potential match. On these online dating platforms, you have to show the BEST on your profile to get the attention of the opposite sex. Take real life for example, if you meet somebody in person, you’d be doing the exact same thing – SHOW YOUR BEST SIDE. You’ll tend to pay more attention to that person, smile more or even laugh at the slightly laughable jokes. Isn’t that so? Below are some interesting ideas to do the exact SAME thing online to catch the eye of someone you fancy!

Hang on the ‘Exciting’ factor

pretty-chinese-ladies“Excitement” is the key to draw someone closer to you especially if you are looking to you’re your potential Chinese wife. You want her to feel excited and anxious to know about you once she reads your profile info. So, better be careful when you upload information about your best qualities, habits, moods, pictures etc. Pretty Chinese ladies can be tough at times so watch out.

Creativity kills no one

Adding in interesting stories, unique quotes and pictures can get a person notice you. You want to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a Chinese woman to date, well, put in a catchy profile name or title. Get them into visualizing themselves with you once they see your photograph. Be creative, be flirty but remain within limits. It won’t harm you.

Good grammar is a turn on

Ad grammar and spelling errors turn off many people. If you aren’t sure about grammatical errors, try using Microsoft Word to get the errors highlighted. Remember, little petty mistakes can quickly divert someone’s attention to another profile.

Decency is must

Ok, when I said, be flirty, I wasn’t asking you to add in indecent pictures or statements about you. Don’t go about this common faux pass if you are looking for Chinese wife. It might give her wrong ideas about you and encourage weirdos to write to you who would only take you as a one night stand. You have to act mature.

No bragging please

If you’re good looking, please don’t brag. That’s another turn off. You don’t want to sound stuck up or a narcissistic freak.

Be yourself, chap

Like Chinese girls? Be careful. Don’t get into pretending to be someone you are not. You certainly have no control over what other people want but you do have control over what YOU want in the other person. Being yourself gives true cues to people sharing the same interests as you. It can save you a lot of time and trouble. Trust me.

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