Tips for Western Men:How to Effectively Date Chinese Women

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In the eyes of most western men, Chinese women have incredibly exotic beauty, not only because of the alluring black eyes and smooth skin, but also because of the fact that they come from a country with the totally different culture. It is the reason why Chinese women are becoming more and more popular in the online dating industry nowadays.

However,how to effectively date Chinese women? It is a question that many western men are keen to know,especially for those who are serious in finding a Chinese wife. Below tips are collected by a western man who has been living in China for around eight years.I guess they would be helpful for the mass.



Invite your Chinese girl out without considering too much.

If you’re planning to date a mainland Chinese woman,either in China or in your own country,just invite her our for a dinner. Don’t act like a timid mouse with so much consideration and assumption.In China, going out for dinner with an opposite gender is a very common thing. Chinese girls just consider such an invitation a friendly thing to do because it’s a very large part of their culture. No one would associate it with romantic or sexual interest from you.

Generate a kind of attraction.

If you follow the tips I suggested above, you might have successfully invited your dreamed Chinese girl out. Now,you two must be sitting together somewhere.Reaching this point,I should say that you’re half to success.In the following,you get to the more difficult part,namely, to get her attracted by you! Attraction is really a complicated thing;however,top-notched strategies could always work out after having dated dozens of Chinese girls-playing tricks.That’s what Michael,the person I mentioned at the very beginning, told me. One of the tricks really works well on Chinese date. When the Chinese girl tells you not to do something during the date, she is indicating you that she doesn’t like a certain part of you, for example, smoking, drinking, or something else, and she wants you to change.When facing such a situation,you should simply reply with a seemingly indifferent response that you do what you want. After then,you compromise with a willing-to-negotiate smile.If you do so,you successfully generate attraction on her since Chinese women are irresistibly fond of such a cool guy.

Do Not stick to what you read about Chinese women.

You may have heard many times that Chinese women are relatively shy, traditional and conservative.Actually,this saying is not completely true. You should not refer to too much about what you heard and information you collected about Chinese women because they may hinder you to some extent rather than help you.Michael shares his simple ‘bridging technique’ he always uses.

When a western man is dating a Chinese girl,the good thing is that he can act a bit differently from the Chinese men because it is also the expectation of the Chinese girl.According to Michael’s experience,you should every now and then touch the upper arm or back of the Chinese girl you’re dating when appropriate, especially when both of you are crossing the road, or some similar situations. This way does work to generate her feeling on you. Besides,she will regard you safe, considerate and dependable.

Actually speaking,to successfully date a Chinese girl is not that difficult as we imagine.The point is that you should use the right way when dating Chinese girls.

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