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Online dating has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is that, often, men are spoilt for choice. What nationality woman should you go for? Taller or shorter? Lighter or darker skin? Easy-going or more traditional? Here’s a guide to some of the most popular regions Chinese girls are from on

Hubei ladies from
What do you think of the beauty of Adela from Hubei Province?

Hubei: Hubei has a reputation of producing Chinese “beauties”, and the girls from Hubei are said to possess a unique water-like character and elegance. However, they are not usually very tall, but are born with well-proportioned bodies, lovely appearances and nice skin. They are generous, smart, candid, but also can be a little calculating, though usually in harmless ways.
Most of them are traditional and tend to be not very enterprising, which can be seen as being goody two-shoes and lacking a certain lively or sporty quality. But they can also be determined and strong-charactered, and like to be the first in everything, which can be a little over-whelming at times. Hubei women in general are very independent in life and are skilled hand-wise and mind-wise. They can be a little bit emotional at times, which requires their boyfriends to have patience and self-control, and to be observant of the temperaments of their Hubei girls.

Hunan girls from
KOKO – the representative beauty of Hunan Ladies

Hunan: In 2005, the Hunan Province became internationally known after its successful talent show Super Girls. An old Chinese saying “beautiful girls never fail to fascinate gentlemen” is believed to describe Hunan ladies well. And there is another saying “girls who love hot peppers are hot”, which suggests that local ladies boast alabaster skin and curvaceous figures. Some say that having hot arguments may add spice to your love life. Do not try this with Hunan ladies. They do have a temper! Budget-oriented men will be happy to know that Hunan girls spend far less on cosmetics than their counterparts in other provinces. The inviting natural skin of local ladies is destined to make them charming even with light makeup. Being both penny and pound wise is another popular description of Hunan girls.

Guangxi lady from
Daisy – Guangxi Beauty from

Guangxi: Located in the southern part of China, Guangxi is one of China’s most beautiful landscapes and a true magnet for both Chinese and foreign tourists. Living in one of the world’s most beautiful regions, Guangxi women have a deep respect for nature and beauty. They are noticeably more easy-going and fun-loving. Girls from the southern part of Guangxi are considered more conservative and with browner skin while those from the north are more open-minded, straight forward and willing to try new things. Guangxi women are also very family-orientated. They have a greater tendency to put other people’s feelings first and sacrifice their career to take care of the family.

As you can see, women, even from the same country, can be very different. There is no best region which Chinese women are from – it just depends on what kind of relationship you’re looking for, love, friendship and etc. The most important thing is that you get along well with one another and share things in common.

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