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China is sizzling with beautiful women, and men are looking for Asian dates in this great country. Being the most populous nation on earth means suitors can always come across a hot China girl to court and marry. Here are seven of the outstanding women in China:

1.Bianca Bai

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By the time this Taiwan-born woman was coming out of secondary school, she was already a budding model. Along the way, Bianca decided to venture into the silver screen and has appeared on renowned TV series. You can find many like her through Chinese dating sites.



2.Gong Li

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This Chinese sexy girl is an award winning actress who has featured in movies such as ‘Coming Home’. Gong was recognized by Time Magazine as an Asian Hero while CNN named her one of the finest 25 actors from Asia.




3.Zhang Ziyi

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The popularity of this famous actress and model goes beyond Chinese borders to Hollywood. Her seven international movie awards are down to her talent, beauty and sexy appearance. China women dating sites can be a good hunting ground if you are looking for lasses like Zhang.



4.Du Juan

Chinese sexy girl


Du is a Chinese supermodel. Vogue China and Vogue Paris have featured her on their covers. The beauty of this former ballet dancer is not in doubt. Did you know you can get a China date like Du through the internet?




5.Zhao Wei

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Apart from her amazing looks and acting prowess, one of the traits that set this lady above the rest is her involvement in charity. She is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and her concern is young people, children and prevention and management of HIV. Don’t forget black Chinese girls are also available for you to date.



6.Gaile Lok

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Readers of Hong Kong elite magazines know this model and actress very well as does the rest of the world. Her father is Chinese and the mother Vietnamese. She was born in Macau and studied in the US. In essence, this beautiful woman is a citizen of the world but uniquely Chinese.



7.Fan Bingbing

black Chinese girls


She is regarded as one of the most beautiful Chinese women alive according to the Beijing News. As an actress, she has featured in many local and Hollywood movies and her star keeps on rising.




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