What to Do If a Girl Rejects You via Online Dating?

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beautiful chinese womenIf you’re searching for wife to marry on free online chinese dating sites, there’s a high chance you get rejected by beautiful chinese women after you write ‘Hi!’.

Getting rejected by chinese girls on chinese dating sites uk doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not into you or that you’re ‘not good enough’ for her.

Some chinese girls reject men on online dating straight away because they don’t want them to think that chinese women are easy, while other china ladies on chinadating sites get so much male attention on online dating that your ‘Hi!’ just gets lost in her mailbox.

There are several reasons why chinese japanese korean women reject men on free online chinese dating sites, and there are multiple ways how to handle rejection and each of them depends on the type of rejection you get.

Keep in mind: handling rejection is not about saving face and trying to get revenge by humiliating beautiful chinese women in online chat. Instead, it should be about being confident and accepting the challenge.

#1 Rude rejection

It’s a rarity, but it happens that chinese girls reject men with an evil and rude response such as, “f*ck off” or “oh god, don’t talk to me.”

Such responses can play a cruel joke on your self-esteem and ego. Luckily, such rude rejections are a rarity on online dating, as chinese japanese korean women on chinadating sites are interested in finding a husband.

Some men, whose feelings have understandably been hurt by such rudeness, try to get revenge by writing mean thing to these rude chinese girls. But that’s not the proper way for a gentleman (or Alpha, if you may) to respond to a girl.

In no way should you show the girl that her rudeness has upset you. Instead, tell her that you find her rudeness to be cute.

But: if rude rejection happens to you more often than 1 in 10 times, then there might be something terribly wrong or inappropriate about your opening line or your profile picture or online dating profile as a whole.chinese girls

Make sure your friends haven’t jokingly edited your profile in a way that it pushes beautiful chinese women away and makes them behave rude.

#2 Nice-girl rejection

This one happens more often. That’s when chinese japanese korean women either tell you straight away that they’re not interested in you in a nice way, or they talk to you but then nicely reject you so to not hurt your feelings by rejecting you straight away – or if a girl starts ignoring you after talking to you a little.

While it’s a much nicer rejection, it still hurts your feelings. This type of rejection can often happen when chinese girls on chinese dating sites uk are testing your confidence and how far you’re willing to go to get her attention.

And if you’re truly searching for wife to marry on chinadating sites, then you got to up your online dating game. Either that or buy a ticket to China and try your luck picking up beautiful chinese women on the streets (though cost to travel to china can be quite expensive).

If it seems like a girl is interested in you, but she surprisingly rejects you – it’s worth taking a shot and pushing through her rejection. Chinese girls on free online chinese dating sites can often test your confidence.

It’s logical that beautiful chinese women on chinadating sites think, “Oh, so if he pushes through my rejection rather than goes looking for someone else on online dating website, then he’s really interested in ME!”

So it’s really worth responding to a girl’s rejection with some playful line. No need to back down so soon!

But: if she keeps rejecting you, ignoring your messages or expressing lack of interest in her messages, then she’s probably NOT testing you. But don’t get upset – there’s plenty fish in the sea. If something hasn’t worked out with one girl, it doesn’t mean it won’t work out with other millions of chinese girls on chinese dating sites uk.

#3 ‘I don’t really like you’ rejection

This one is the trickiest one. You may have been talking to you for a while, spent hours chatting or talking via Live Video Chat – or even had a date or two with her – but here she comes with the phrase, “I don’t really like you,” or worse, “let’s just be friends.”

It happens for a number of reasons, but no matter what it is – you had her attention and made a good impression on her in the very beginning. But then something went wrong – whether you got too insecure, wasn’t really as fun or sexy as she initially thought or something else.

There are three ways how to handle this type of rejection:

  • Give up on her and move on;
  • Remain friends with her, but look for other beautiful chinese women on chinadating sites;
  • Agree on being friends, but use your ‘friendship’ as means to prove that she was wrong about you and that you’re worthy of her.

If you choose option #3, don’t get upset if your plan doesn’t work out in the end. At least you’ve accepted the challenge with dignity and didn’t give up where most guys would. That’s Alpha.

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