Which Online Dating Service to Use on ChnLove.com?

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Free Live Chat-ChnLoveOnline dating has taken the Internet by storm, becoming the hot spot for single men looking for romance and love from China. Apart from there being much more choice online, there are plenty of other pros and good reasons to look on the Internet for your Chinese soul-mate, which is why online dating has become so popular and trendy, including being able to meet like-minded people, get instant common ground, get to know the real person, and be yourself more. However, if you don’t use the right services, dating Chinese girls on a dating site isn’t easy, which is why I’m going to give you some advice on which services to use on ChnLove.com.

Video Show

The first thing you do before corresponding is to find the right Chinese lady. But if written profiles do not give you enough details, you can try Video Show. They are short video clips which introduce the lady in more depth so you can make a better decision on the lady to choose. Once you have chosen your favorite Chinese ladies, it’s time to start correspondence.

Bonus Point Mails

Bonus Points are special rewards which can be collected when you use the services of Qpid Network sites. Then find a lady you like and use these free points to send them your first introductory EMF mails (express mail forwarding service). In this first EMF mail, you should introduce yourself, tell her what you’re looking for in a relationship etc. If you like, you can continue corresponding with your favorite ladies by EMF mails for the first few weeks, or you can move on to Live Chat.

Live Chat

Live Chat is an instant messaging service which enables you to chat with your ladies in real-time. You can express your feelings by text and emoticons, and even send her virtual gifts. Lady can choose between two types of chat mode. For ladies whose English is of a better standard, they can chat on their own with you. For those whose English is not so good, they can chat with you using a translator. This service excels in that you don’t have to wait for ladies’ responses – it’s real-time.

Love Call

Communicating through text is never enough. You want to hear her voice. Then talk to her via Love Call. You can use any mobile phone or landline to get connected and talk to your Chinese girl directly or in a 3-way call with professional translation assistance to help overcome language barriers.

Gifts and Flowers

Don’t forget her gifts and flowers on special occasions! And even if it’s not a special occasion, you can still send her gifts or flowers, as all Chinese ladies like to feel special and receive gifts. ChnLove’s delivery service connects you with the best local gift shops and florists. You can choose from a wide range of flowers, fashion accessories, gourmet foods, cute stuffed animals and seasonal gifts perfect for special occasions, or any occasion.

Cupid Date

When you feel you’ve corresponded enough, know each other fairly well, and ready to take your romance to the next level, then it’s time to go on a real date. But this should be after a few months’ correspondence via EMF or Live Chat so you get to know the lady inside out first to avoid wasting money and time going to visit her. Cupid Date is a full-assistance dating service, helping you from scheduling the date to providing interpretation services. Cupid Dates helps members who are serious about taking their relationship to the next level to acquire an even better mutual understanding.

Why would you go for traditional dating if online dating has so many benefits and is so easy? You wouldn’t! It can be seen that online dating will continue to excel, and become more and more popular and trendy worldwide, so go and find your other half on Chnlove.com now!

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