Why do Chinese Women Make Better Wives than American Women?

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Chinese women vs American women

Chinese women vs American women

Recently we have received comments from one of our members about how differently his American ex-wife and Chinese girlfriend responded after he told them his team had lost a national competition. The response from the ex was “All that expensive training and practices were a waste of time and money then,” while his Chinese girlfriend said “Dear, though you have not won the match, but you in my heart is the best. I love you”.

So this gentleman came to the conclusion that Chinese women are totally supportive and loyal, while American women are judgmental and sarcastic.Of course, it is unfair to generalize about that because women are women no matter which part of the world they are in. There are the good and there are also the bad too. However, Chinese women do have certain good traits which are not commonly seen in American women, which make them more attractive to many American men.

1.Respect and Devotion

American women are often needy and demanding, and have rigid and unrealistic expectations in men. If an American woman is attractive, she has guys falling all over her. American men have come to practically worship at the feet of beautiful women. So these women are spoiled and think they deserve everything, just because they are attractive. A potential male mate must have the full package, i.e. good looks, money, power, etc. A lot of American women hold themselves as the pure center of the relationship, and know nothing about respect and devotion. If you ask them to make you a cup of coffee, most of them would tell you to make it yourself. With all due respect, many women in America have actually lost the art of being women and understanding men.
On the other hand, Chinese women are much more comfortable in their femininity. They do make better mates because they come from more conservative and family oriented cultures where relationships and commitment are actually revered. A Chinese woman will love her husband and treat him as the head of the household. To them, this is natural and a granted thing. They respect their partner, appreciate the affection he shows them, and acknowledge his efforts to provide a better life. Chinese women also take good care of the family and enjoy housework. They will serve their husband tea when he walks in the door, and massage his tired shoulders in the evening. That is why they are highly sought-after by American guys for their wifely skills.

2.View on Sex and Commitment

Another basic problem with most western countries now, is that there’s no courtship any more, and no time to really get to know each other, which means a lack of communication. People just jump into bed too quickly. In contrast, Chinese women are generally much more conservative about sex. They are unwilling to be intimate with a man before they are pretty sure that he is suitable as a long-term partner.

American women tend to want the bad boy (probably because of the image that the bad boy is always better in bed), while Chinese women want a man that can take responsibility and is willing to commit to a relationship. With American women, if you act like you couldn’t care less about marriage and are just out to get laid, most girls are pretty content to let you have your way. Ironically, if you try to be a gentleman, you may get dumped in a hurry. American women also like to use sex as a way to bargain, while Chinese women use sex as an expression of love.

Now you probably know why more and more Western men are looking for a Chinese wife on the other side of the world. If you are lucky enough to find one, treat her with love and respect and you will come to know happiness and a way of life you will never have with an American woman!


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