Why Does Chinese Spring Festival Make the Singles So Agonizing?

Posted on Feb 15, 2015 by in Chinese Culture, Chinese Festival
Spring Festival Home-fear Group

Chinese Spring Festival nowadays becomes a great pressure to the home-fear group who remains single!

Chinese New Year is meant to be a joyful event – days off work, reunion with family and friends, lots of delicious food etc. But not for some. This year, it has become a worry for older singles – those who still aren’t married. Why’s that? Let’s get to the point…

Aunts’ kindheartedness. On returning home, parents and relatives of older singles, mostly women, will ask lots of different questions. Questions which give them great pressure. For example, “Have you found yourself someone yet?” “When are you going to get married?” “How much year-end bonus did you get?”

With the New Year approaching, numerous singles will have their big life events placed on the agenda. Apart from their parents’ pushing them to get married, which is already great pressure, they also have to deal with the “kindheartedness” from their aunts. As a result, the seven days of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) often becomes a “Blind Date” festival, of which the success rate is usually very low.

In emergencies, there are even people who rent members of the opposite sex to accompany them back home for the New Year, just for show, just to keep their families’ mouths shut. On TaoBao.com (a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon operated in China), if you search “rent a boyfriend”, 2182 results come up. This is how popular this service is becoming, which reflects how desperate singles are in finding fake partners. The services provided by the “boyfriend” include accompanying them to go shopping, have dinner and entertain family and guests.

As Chinese New Year festivities can quite long, single women in China have to put up with all this for this long. For those of you who are pursuing Chinese girlfriends, don’t leave her to spend the New Year all on her own. Chat to her more. Spend time with her so she doesn’t feel lonely. She will appreciate it.

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